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I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with our new ERW computer program. ...we have already gained valuable knowledge about certain aspects of our business. The program has been completely tailored to our specific needs.... The program that ERW wrote and implemented is perfect to lead us into the year 2000 and beyond.

Your programmer is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly; he is an outstanding member of your staff. Working with him on this computer program has been a pleasure. We feel very confident that he has constructed a product that suits our needs perfectly. We appreciate the ongoing support ... and look forward to maintaining contact with ERW in the future.
- Owner, Food Wholesaler and Distributor

Wes, I am so pleased with your responsiveness. When I page you, I know the next call will be you
- Owner, Environmental Testing Lab

... thank you for the fine work done on our new accounts receivable program... your work has been excellent, on time and within budget. We are now able to do our receivables work with 2 persons instead of 3, our complaints over billing errors have dropped significantly and our invoices are going out in less time.
- Manager of Information Systems, Van Rental Company

We have been pleased with Gene’s service and have found him to be very responsive to our needs.
- Manager, Large Realty Realtor Company

I reviewed the latest update and the part/recipe module is nearly finished! It looks exactly how I wanted it to. Thanks! a part recipe is now relatively quick and easy to set up (thanks to the fine staff at ERW) . . .Wes is a dedicated and loyal individual who gives his "ALL" to fulfill our PC needs...
Operations Mgr., Medium Size Metal Fabricating Company

Wes is a dedicated and loyal individual who gives his "ALL" to fulfill our PC needs...
- PC Support Manager, GM Tech Center
“The ERWWebsites training is Awesome! In less than a month, I had my business set up, was shown how to prospected for clients, got two clients, and designed their web sites! Thanks Wes!”
- Billy Whitehouse, Actor - Film/Television/Theatre

Irene At a time when I was worried about what I would be able to do if I lost my job. The answer turned out to be ERWWebsites training. After attending the first face-to-face meeting, I knew this was it. Wes has provide the encourgement and necessary skill set to start my own business.

I look forward to the weekly sessions because there is alway something new to learn and I get support from the entire group. Steps, techniques, problem solutions, and ideas are just parts of what make it easy. I have stepped out side my comfort zone into the marketing area and got two client almost immediately. The excitment is unbelievable. Wes is providing a outstanding service compared to other website training. "Wes, thanks for this life changing opportunity!"
- Irene

I have been involved in the web design training offered by ERW Web Design and it has been a great experience for me.

I do not have any prior web design experience and the instruction has been great, very easy to follow. The instructor and the other trainees in the class have been extremely supportive. I have learned a lot in a very short period of time, but it has not been overwhelming, it has been fun!

I would recommend this training for anyone interested in web design whether experienced or inexperienced. You will definitely get some wonderful ideas on web designing.
- Karen Dice

The training program at ERW Websites is the best place I have found to get on the fast-track to a web design business of your own! With no previous site design knowledge, I have learned how to design and market web sites in the first month. As a permanently laid off Big 3 employee, I have a future of supporting my family ahead of me again! Thanks Wes and ERW!
- Paul

Thank you Wes for having me in the ERWWebsites training program. Within the first month, I have gained competence and knowledge in the delicate art of creating professional business websites. Creating powerful websites that work has never been easier!
- Timothy J. Lieder, Networking and Systems Engineer

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